Thursday, January 24, 2013

Matampay Island

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Thank you Lord!

I am not feeling well today and I have a lot of things to accomplished! Reports are too many and paper works are too heavy:) I still need to make test questions for the midterm exams, being a part time instructor was so tough this time :) I also need to study for my masteral's midterm exam tomorrow! Whew, I can't breath because I still have a project to make for  my database subject. But still I am so thankful to God today I was able to function well at the office and I finished the things I needed to prepare for my part time job. Now as I about to leave this office and will going to run to the school I worked with, I can say that God gave me strength and wisdom to fulfill my duties today:) Thank you Lord and thank you Holy spirit for partnering with me today:)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WW - My favorite yummy crabs!

Monday, January 21, 2013

I'm so blessed to be stressed!

Woooohoooo! Glory to God! Yes I can say that I'm so blessed to be stressed! Responsibilities are left and right but still I want to praise the Lord for all the opportunities He has given me. Though I still need to prepare test questionnaires and I need to study for my masteral. In the office I still have so many reports to be finished! But still God is so God and a God of order He gave me time last night to be with my cell group:) Nothing compares to serve you Lord! I thank you for the strength you have given me!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

MMMM #1 : Steady my heart!

This song is one of my favorite...
This is my first time joining here, I hope you will like it!

Looking back....

Waaah it's been more than a year when I stop posting here. Time flies so fast and as I look back I can say that God has been so faithful in my life. His been with me through my ups and down. I want to recall how awesome God is in my life...

My last post here was December 10, 2011, it was a week before when CDO hit by a killer typhoon sendong. Many has been hurt, died and lost a properties because of that incident. It was one of the hardest part and one at a time experience. It was also the turning point of my family, we decided to put up a small food house business and moved out from the place who has been hit by typhoon. We saw God's faithfulness through this time as He lead us and guide us and blessed us through this time.

We help each other to sustain the food house and by the call of God we started to have our house church at the food house during sunday. God was so good to us and stand by us. When we conducted our encounter God retreat, I was renewed, refreshed and reborn! God allowed me to end my long term relationship with a man because He told me to do so. I never regret that decision though it was so hard for me. God has been my shoulder to cry on and His been my reason to continue on serving Him wholeheartedly and faithfully.

June 2012 when my 2 sisters and I attended a campus harvest conference held in manila. It was an awesome experience to witness how great God is that He can gather thousands of youth crying out for Jesus and dedicated their lives only for Him. God blessed us with friends and relatives who makes our stay there memorable and fruitful. I praise God when He still gave me a part time job at the school wherein I can share how great God is in their lives. God also blessed our house church and gave us a partner in the minister who will gonna sponsors kid's library. A great friend of fellow believer sharing some ideas and beliefs to serve the Lord.

In September 2012, we launched JLK-JLU Kid's library ministry. In this month as well, I celebrated my birthday with my students. They received Jesus as their personal savior and that was my greatest gift received on that day.

October 2012, when I was accepted to enroll my masteral degree at MUST. God gave me reasons to celebrate and to enjoy.

God has been so faithful to me, to my family, our business and our ministry. In November 2012, God showed His powers that He can save the whole family. God showed to us that it is really possible. Many years of praying and fasting for our family and the day comes that God fulfilled His promise to save the whole household. I am so blessed seeing my father crying out to the Lord and my mother singing praises to Him. I felt so blessed seeing my brothers and sisters serving the Lord as well as our nieces and nephews. Indeed God is so great!.

As I look back 2012, He has been so wonderful and amazing to me and to my family. He deserves our praise and adoration!
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