Monday, November 14, 2011


Hallelujah to our Father in heaven who is the hope to the hopeless and the peace to the restless, amen! We in PPATW rejoice with the Lord for we had a great time in our Cell Group Leaders Class (CGLC) last Thursday delivered by our very own Director of Evangelism, Ptr. Jeanne Espere from Saudi Arabia! Last week’s topic “POWER OF SCRIPTURES” ( ) was exceptional and we learned a lot how the Bible, which is the Word of God, is so powerful and it produces life and cleanses us from all our sins! It is God’s revelation to mankind and it is our Spiritual food. If you want to be a victorious Christian, the Bible is your sword and it contains the answer to your needs! This Thursday, November 17, 2011 at 7:30am CST (USA), 4:30pm (SA), 7:00pm (IND) and 9:30pm (PHIL & CH), Ptr. Erwin dela Cerna, from Davao City, Philippines will teach us a fresh lesson from G12 lesson the Word of God entitled, “SALVATION” that will encourage each one in our spiritual walk with God. You don’t want to miss this incredible teaching so please join us as we feed our spiritual beings with the Word of God!

We lift up the Name of Jesus as we celebrate four women of God who will take the lead in the preaching and teaching in the Holy Tabernacle in the next four Saturdays and they are called the WOMEN WARRIORS OF THE LORD FOR PPATW!  Sis Nelgin Fourie from Africa (11/19), Sis Che Sulague (11/26), Sis Ruth Noel from Saudi Arabia (12/3) and Sis Katy Bontia (12/10). We will announce later the specific topic they will be teaching and let us lift them up in prayers as the Lord will use them mightily all for His glory! After that our president and spiritual leader Ptr Jeff will end this year with the last BS on 12/17 and will begin the new year with our 1st BS of 2012 on 1/7/2012. Our last CGLC will be Thurs 12/22 and our 1st CGLC of 2012 will be 1/5/2012. Praise the Almighty who is the makers of the heavens and the earth and PPATW has HIGH EXPECTATIONS as to God using us for the furthering of His Kingdom right here on earth through the spreading of the true gospel of our Lord JESUS CHRIST! THANK YOU LORD IN ADVANCE!!!

Soar high in your faith and fly above every problem and trial as we serve the One True Living God and rise to greater heights! Sis Milagros Pino, a ministry partner from Philippines, delivered through the Holy Spirit a divine message entitled, “SPIRITUAL RENEWAL” ( ) last Saturday in our weekly Bible Study that taught us MIGHTY points in our Spiritual walk with the Father! At times we become restless and weary in our Christian life let us always look up to the Father for He is our strength and our refuge and He will revive us and get us covered with our weary and searching souls. He will not forsake us and He will stand up for us no matter what for He always remains true in His promises. So again, come join us this Saturday, November 19, 2011 at  8:30am CST (USA),5:30pm (SA), 8:00pm (IND) and 10:30pm (PHIL & CH) for another powerful and life changing fellowship filled with the Holy Spirit as we worship the One True Living God! Sis Nelgin Fourie, a PPATW Staff from Africa will take the lead in sharing the Word of God with a titled message “GOD REQUIRES OUR COMPLETE ATTENTION” which is a must-hear lesson for EVERY ONE out there believer or not! So bring in a friend, come online and spend your weekend with us and let us bow and worship our Lord with other brethren all around the world! Be there and be blessed!


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