Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Daily Devotion #4-Hebrews 10

On this reading I learned that our sins was cleansed by the blood of Jesus on that cross as it is written. He sacrifices for us and offer his self to save us and paid our sins by deing on that cross. God will not remember our sins if we  confess and truly sorry for what we have done wrong. A complete repentance and not doing it again will pleased God. We need to do His will and we need not to continue sinning.

As we know that we have strongholds and weaknesses that need to surrender to God as we can't  make it by our own might but by the help of God. As we continually doing sins we know that we are hurting God it is like we kill Jesus over and over again by committing sins over and over again. We need to stop and to do God's will. By continually drawing nearer to God with a sincere heart and let's renewed ourselves everytime we commit sins and we need to cleansed ourselves by Jesus' blood.

 I am thankful that I am bold enough to confess to God that I fall short and  accept that I do sin. Let us continue to encourage each other and we must be confident by our faith that Jesus paid it all on that cross and we are cleansed we just need to continue serving God no matter what because He deserves our love.

We will also  learn from this chapter a warning about continous sinning that there will be judgement if we will disobey God over and over again and not confess and not surrender to him God will not happy on us. I do learned that God is serious about obedience and about following His will. So we should not throw away our confidence in Christ that He is able and just and His grace and mercy endures forever to those who are really honest and truly sorry.We really need to persevere no matter what and do His will and obey all His commands so we will receive His blessings upon us and it will overflow. What a mighty God we served!!!


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