Thursday, October 14, 2010

What is spam?

According to YAHOO Spam is any message that's sent to multiple recipients who haven't specifically requested it. Spammers typically purchase or harvest a list of email addresses. They send messages from numerous different addresses to all areas of the Web. These messages tend to be "forged", to hide who actually sent them.

These messages is what I get when I clicked on help in my yahoo mail and ask about spam? Why i did this? Because my email address was spammed. It was very displeasing and annoying to my part. Because the link that these spammers sent to my contacts are very ridiculous and not good. It might reflect something not good on my personality why I am endorsing those products and nasty picture on it as it shows that I am really the sender. A lot of my  friends, students, family and even my prayer partners in PPATW was alarmed me about the emails that they got from me which is displeasing.

I was really frustrated how will I stop this none sense. The virus really get on my email as it deleted the content of my inbox and deleted all the contacts in my address book. It was really crazy. I am planning to create another email address to solve this but still keep searching on how to get away from this virus that i got.

But still thanking the Lord because I stored all my important documents in their respective folders only few was gone. Even if I wasnt able to retrieved those emails in my inbox but still I kept the most important files. Good thing that God teaches me to organized my mail and created folders so I can save it.

Still God is so good!


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