Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thankful Thursday #10- Semestral break

I am thanking God for today is the day that I will be giving final examination to my students. As a part time instructor I was pleased that this semester will about to end. I am looking forwad for the semestral break. I hope and pray that I can have my 2 weeks off a memorable one:) But I doubt it as I need to compute grades and submit the needed requirements for this semester. But then I really thanked God for sustaining me and for given me wisdom to teach as it is my first time to be an instructor as part time. I learned a lot and continually learning from the things I shared to the students and for sharing what I learn to them. God is indeed so good for giving me the oppotunity to teach them not only for their academic lessons but to be a blessing to them and makes a difference as they noticed that even without first telling them I am a Christian they discern that I am:). They see Christ in me and thanking God for being a light that they may follow my deeds. I am also thankful for my students that they show me respect even some of them is older than me but then they give the due respect to me. A wonderful experience to keep and sweet memories being with them. So thankful of hearing them say thank you for sharing to them and for the learnings they got from me. Indeed God is so awesome.


Denise said...

Yes, God is way beyond awesome.

Cindy said...

God truly is awesome. My prayer is that I can always be a example for others, and that they can see Christ in me.

Hope your having a blessed day.

Rita T. said...

Awesome indeed!

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