Thursday, October 28, 2010

PPATW Online Bible Study Invitation-October 30, 2010

YAHWEH, you are so incredible, and as your children, we invoke your presence through your Holy Spirit in the PPATW Bible studies for they are ALL FOR YOUR GLORY! We had an awesome time together in the PPATW’s NEW Conference/Chat Room ( Password: overcomer) that we dedicated to our loving Father in heaven. Bro Jeff hosted our 1st Open Mike Forum about being a WILLING and WINNING WITNESS for our Lord Jesus Christ. We sang, prayed, read, and EVERYONE shared about who planted the seed of truth in their life. We learned that ALL are called to be a witness and our walk must match our talk! We also learned that the Holy Spirit will help us and we share Jesus not because we should, but because we love Him and love mankind so that none will perish. This Saturday, October 30, 2010 @ 9am (USA), 5pm (S.A. - thank you Lord for opening the door for our PPs from this country), and 10pm (PHIL), Bro Gary through the anointing of the Holy Spirit has a lesson that needs to be heard by all entitled "ARE YOU TRULY SAVED?" Many called themselves Christians but are not born again or Holy Spirit filled. Come and find out the difference between wheat and tares! Be there and be blessed!


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