Monday, October 11, 2010

PPATW 7th Online Bible Study

Last Saturday night at 10:00 PM we in PPATW had an incredible bible study  and  had a wonderful fellowhip with other believers online. It was our 7th Bible study for PPATW where so many from ALL around the world came together to study God's word, worshipping and praising His holy name.

The message was delivered by Pastor Jean and it was entitled "PURSUING HOLINESS." It is an incredible thing when strangers who dont know each other come together and have such a fun time just sharing the goodness and gospel of Jesus Christ.

We will have our bible study every Saturday 9am USA, 5pm (SA), 10pm (PHIL). Thank you Lord for your presence there! Bring them Lord to come and share as we lift up your Holy Name!!!  To listen our recorded Bible Study go to this link and be blessed


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