Sunday, October 31, 2010

MYM #12-Christmas is on the air


I wanna say Happy Halloween to all!But we can't deny the fact that Christmas is on the air.After today all peopl is looking forward for the Christmas season:)  I will share this photo I took last Saturday when I attended a regional meeting. I enjoyed seeing this Christmas decor near the fan:)The yellow flower on it makes me think to post for my mellow yellow monday entry for this week:)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

latsof #8-Our Matampay

I was so fascinated  when I saw this picture from my cousin's facebook profile. Because this place is so familiar to me. This is the scenes that we always see early in the morning and almost all days of my childhood life when there is no rain. If the weather is so great you can see this beauty:) Thanking my cousin for taking this picture because I really miss our place. Looking forward to visit this place on December so I can take a photo of myself:)

PPATW Online Bible Study Invitation-October 30, 2010

YAHWEH, you are so incredible, and as your children, we invoke your presence through your Holy Spirit in the PPATW Bible studies for they are ALL FOR YOUR GLORY! We had an awesome time together in the PPATW’s NEW Conference/Chat Room ( Password: overcomer) that we dedicated to our loving Father in heaven. Bro Jeff hosted our 1st Open Mike Forum about being a WILLING and WINNING WITNESS for our Lord Jesus Christ. We sang, prayed, read, and EVERYONE shared about who planted the seed of truth in their life. We learned that ALL are called to be a witness and our walk must match our talk! We also learned that the Holy Spirit will help us and we share Jesus not because we should, but because we love Him and love mankind so that none will perish. This Saturday, October 30, 2010 @ 9am (USA), 5pm (S.A. - thank you Lord for opening the door for our PPs from this country), and 10pm (PHIL), Bro Gary through the anointing of the Holy Spirit has a lesson that needs to be heard by all entitled "ARE YOU TRULY SAVED?" Many called themselves Christians but are not born again or Holy Spirit filled. Come and find out the difference between wheat and tares! Be there and be blessed!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Our dear Lighthouse Minister, Kuya To

This is Kuya To our Lighthouse Minister. This picture was taken during our Lighthouse Anniversary. A week before He were rushed to the hospital.I was really saddened on what had happen to our Lighthouse Minister.He was hospitalized and suffered severe stroke.When i learned that he was rush to the hospital I cannot believe that it happens to him. I can't stop my tears flowing when the Holy Spirit prompted me to pray for him in the ICU and I really saw His tears.He was uttering words I don't understand but I know in my heart he says thanks. He is the epitome of a strong man  of God a very active man I know. He inspired me in so many ways. He is a father, a friend and a counselor to us. I can see his dedication for the glory of God. I witnessed how happy He was serving the kids and the lighthouse members. He prepares food for everybody, he serves too. He fetch the members and even drive them home. He was not only the preacher but also the guitarist, the song leader and He also do the opening and closing prayer. He did it all. I am so impressed with His dedication and love to people and God. I can see him helping people and serving them. He is really a good man!I always salute on him and I always respected him. He take good care of us so well and give us a fatherly love. I am really praying and touching heavens and asking God for His healing power! I am claiming for miracle and that His life will be a living testimony to every person He will be ministering. Trusting in you Lord for the healing of Kuya Toto.

MYM #11-Wall deco


These are my wall deco.My sis helped me in putting this sticker on the wall. I bought it from novo with a very affordable price. My room now is like a garden!Hehehe

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Then Sings my Soul #11- I thirst for you

I love you Lord.. I thirst for you we are longing for you!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

WFW -#14 & Watery Wednesday #4- Isaiah 40:31

 I saw this picture in my cousin facebook wall. This is so familiar because this place is our hometown:) Whew I am looking forward to visit this place again. I put a verse on it for my WFW entry as I really love this verse though on the picture theres no eagle there only birds.Lol.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What is spam?

According to YAHOO Spam is any message that's sent to multiple recipients who haven't specifically requested it. Spammers typically purchase or harvest a list of email addresses. They send messages from numerous different addresses to all areas of the Web. These messages tend to be "forged", to hide who actually sent them.

These messages is what I get when I clicked on help in my yahoo mail and ask about spam? Why i did this? Because my email address was spammed. It was very displeasing and annoying to my part. Because the link that these spammers sent to my contacts are very ridiculous and not good. It might reflect something not good on my personality why I am endorsing those products and nasty picture on it as it shows that I am really the sender. A lot of my  friends, students, family and even my prayer partners in PPATW was alarmed me about the emails that they got from me which is displeasing.

I was really frustrated how will I stop this none sense. The virus really get on my email as it deleted the content of my inbox and deleted all the contacts in my address book. It was really crazy. I am planning to create another email address to solve this but still keep searching on how to get away from this virus that i got.

But still thanking the Lord because I stored all my important documents in their respective folders only few was gone. Even if I wasnt able to retrieved those emails in my inbox but still I kept the most important files. Good thing that God teaches me to organized my mail and created folders so I can save it.

Still God is so good!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thankful Thursday #10- Semestral break

I am thanking God for today is the day that I will be giving final examination to my students. As a part time instructor I was pleased that this semester will about to end. I am looking forwad for the semestral break. I hope and pray that I can have my 2 weeks off a memorable one:) But I doubt it as I need to compute grades and submit the needed requirements for this semester. But then I really thanked God for sustaining me and for given me wisdom to teach as it is my first time to be an instructor as part time. I learned a lot and continually learning from the things I shared to the students and for sharing what I learn to them. God is indeed so good for giving me the oppotunity to teach them not only for their academic lessons but to be a blessing to them and makes a difference as they noticed that even without first telling them I am a Christian they discern that I am:). They see Christ in me and thanking God for being a light that they may follow my deeds. I am also thankful for my students that they show me respect even some of them is older than me but then they give the due respect to me. A wonderful experience to keep and sweet memories being with them. So thankful of hearing them say thank you for sharing to them and for the learnings they got from me. Indeed God is so awesome.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

WFW #13- Jesus the bright morning star

Everytime I lay down in my bed it gives me a chance to look at those luminous stars in the picture located at my cieling. It always reminds me of Jesus. According to the book of Revelation Jesus is the bright morning star. Before closing my eyes I am always reminded to pray and to thank Him for all the best thing He have done in my life. Praising Him and worshipping His goodness and faithfullness. Also in 2 PET 1:19 (NIV) it says "And we have the word of the prophets made more certain, and you will do well to pay attention to it, as to a light shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts." It is very clear that Jesus is the "Bright Morning Star". He is there to guide us in everything we do and give us direction. Thanking Jesus for giving us example to be the light of the earth and to immitate His ways. Praise be to God!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Ruby Tuesday #11- Sheerah and the chilli

Here is my friend sheera very much willing to pose for my ruby tuesday entry:). Funny picture of her and the red hot chilli in front of our apartment. Enjoyed this day with them taking pictures in the garden.

PPATW 7th Online Bible Study

Last Saturday night at 10:00 PM we in PPATW had an incredible bible study  and  had a wonderful fellowhip with other believers online. It was our 7th Bible study for PPATW where so many from ALL around the world came together to study God's word, worshipping and praising His holy name.

The message was delivered by Pastor Jean and it was entitled "PURSUING HOLINESS." It is an incredible thing when strangers who dont know each other come together and have such a fun time just sharing the goodness and gospel of Jesus Christ.

We will have our bible study every Saturday 9am USA, 5pm (SA), 10pm (PHIL). Thank you Lord for your presence there! Bring them Lord to come and share as we lift up your Holy Name!!!  To listen our recorded Bible Study go to this link and be blessed

MYM #10- Love this bedsheet:)


Working at night in a Christian website keeps me up so late. Sometimes i missed my bed with my favorite bedsheet. It gives me an idea to pose for a while on my bed for my mellow yellow entry:)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

LATSOF #7-Looking at the sky from our door

This is the view that we can see when were at our door way in our new apartment. Each day I came to see this every time i go out to work. Love those greeny leaves and love looking at the sky:)

Thankful Thursday #9- Rejoicing in the midst of a busy week

Oh my I was sooooo busy this past few days. I had a lot of things need to be accomplished and don't know what to do first. But I am thanking God for His wisdom and for sustaining me to finished all the given task. Every first week of the month I need to change the images and videos of the Christian website I am connected with which is  It is a joy to be part of this growing website for the glory of God.

Prayer Partners Around The World (PPATW) represents those of the body of Christ who are tired of serving God religiously. We come together through the internet promoting INTIMACY, PASSION, and BOLDNESS for our AWESOME GOD through His Son who is JESUS. Praising the Lord  and rejoicing for His favor upon us for we now have our own Conference Room ( PASSWORD: overcomer) which we will have Bible Studies every weekend and our own 24-hour Christian Chat Room ( PASSWORD: faith). The PPATW Conference Room will host Pastor Jean this Sat, October 9, 2010 at 9am (USA), 5pm (SA), and 10pm (PHIL), with a powerful message entitled "PURSUING HOLINESS." Let us celebrate God’s goodness and rejoicing together by fellowshipping with us! Be there and be blessed!!! If your available  we are very pleased to have you in our online bible study.

After I changed all the images and the videos of the  first 12 pages of the website I started working with the icons for the new conference and chatroom that we just bought for the site.

Plus I am busy with my full time job and thanking that I can still work on some stuff at work and I am thankful for my part time for continually helping me with my needs and teaching me a lot of things as well.

Above all I am thanking God for being so good in my life. He deserved praises and thanksgiving!!! Indeed it is a joy to served our awesome Father!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I just realized that today the world is celebrating Teacher's day when my student greet me. It's my first teaching experience, and as a part time instructor I now understand the clamor of all the teachers in the world. Many teacher can relate to each other because this profession is a noble one. As a part time teacher it opened my mind that all need to be respected and adored. Our teachers give us a lot of information and one of the reason for our success because they contributed a lot for us. HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY TO ALL TEACHERS:)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

MYM & RT#10- Food trip at Mang Inasal


Thanking our cousin Flor for treating as at Mang Inasal last week when she and her bf visited us here in CDO City. I took this picture while waiting for our food to be served thinking for my mellow yellow post and ruby tuesday post:). Below are some of our pictures...

Friday, October 1, 2010

Then Sings my Soul #10- Thank you

Mary Mary - Thank You lyrics

Tragedies are commonplace

All kinds of diseases, people are slipping away

Economies down, people don't get

Enough pay

But as for me all I can say is

Thank you Lord for all you done for me

Folks without homes are in the streets

And the drug habit some say 

They just can't beat

Muggers and robbers, no place seems

To be safe

But you've been my protection every

Step of the way

And I want to say 

Thank you Lord for all you've done

For me hey?

[Lead:] It could've been me

[Chorus:] Thank you 

[L:] Outdoors

[C:] Thank you

[L:] With no food 

[C:] Thank you

[L:] And no clothes

[C:] Thank you

[L:] All left alone

[C:] Thank you

[L:] Without a friend

[C:] Thank you

[L:] Or just another number

[C:] Thank you

[L:] With a tragic end

[C:] Thank you

[L:] But you didn't see fit

[C:] Thank you

[L:] To let none of these things be

[C:] Thank you

[L:] But every day by your power said ya 

You keep on, keeping on, keeping me

[C:] Thank you

[L:] I wanna say

[Chorus:] Thank you Lord for all you've done for me

I wanna thank you for your love

Thank you for your power

Thank you for protection, every hour

Thank you

Mary Mary lyrics - Thank You lyrics
I am thanking God for always being there for me and never leaving me.
I am praising the Lord all the days of my life. 
Without you Lord I am nothing and this life is meaningless. 
You are so awesome Father God. 
Thank you for keeping me and thank you for all the times that you have forgiven me.
I am forever grateful to you Oh God!
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