Tuesday, September 14, 2010

WFW #10- Verse of Purpose of PPATW and it's modified Logo

Being a staff of an Online Christian Website Ministry I was asked to make a logo for us.
This is the first logo that I created and what we used in PPATW.

Then the  Head of PPATW wanted me to modify  it and I came out to this newest logo that we are using now.More meaningful compare to the first one I created. It shows that God is holding and taking control of all His people in this earth and He let His glory shine for us. His blessing is overflowing and He shared it to the whole world. He is really the God that love us so much!!!
Now for my WFW entry I choosed this modified logo and add our verse of purpose (Ephesians 5:14-17) about awakening the body of Christ. We in PPATW wanted to give God the glory for making a possibility to come together and learn more about His word that gives us power so that we can be better equipped to fight the daily battle. We in PPATW praying that the people visiting in the site will enjoy because it is for those who love Him and who want to know more about Him. This website aims to be a venue for Christians to be reminded to rid the stigma of Christians being lazy, uncaring and unproductive for the Lord. We here at PPATW promote dying daily to one's self, and living as Holy Spirit-filled born again Christians like ambassadors and soldiers for our Savior, our Lord and our King Jesus Christ. As the motto of the website states, this is for those who seek intimacy and boldness for our awesome God!


Denise said...


Ozjane said...

A reminder that we all need

cHe said...

Amen:) Thanks for the comments.God bless you all:)

Jennifer Sikora said...

Thanks for the reminder.


cHe said...

Thanks for dropping by sis Jennifer:)Godbless

Kaye - SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation said...

A lovely and encouraging logo that really ministered to me as I was again reminded by our precious Lord that HE IS IN CONTROL and He is holding us in His arms! Thank you for the big smile on my face! :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome - great job getting His Word across to share with everyone and be in Prayer!
Hugs, HL

cHe said...

@sis Kay..Glory to God that God is touching your heart. Blessings to u and to ur family:)

cHe said...

@hljourney-thank you so much it is for all God's glory!!!He deserves to be praise:)Let's join together in proclaiming His goodness!Be blessed!

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