Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shoot Me #10-Tres Marias

Forever In Blue Jeans


During my birthday with my sis oren and sis daisy. Daisy is our youngest and Oren is the 2nd to the youngest.
I am on number 8 of magic 12.Yes your right we are 2 teams:) in basketball as they say. It also means that I still have 4 younger than me. Next to me is a boy and next is a girl then these two beautiful sisters above:)

Get a strike with a fuzzy decorative dice


Jan n Jer said...

So nice to have sisters to share in your, hope it was a good one!

Robyn said...

Happy belated birthday

chubskulit said...

Wow beauty runs in the family, it seems that you guys love green color hehehe.
Please Shoot Me a visit when you have spare time, thanks!

cHe said...

@Jan n Jer-Yes indeed it was good to celebrate it with them:)
@Robyn-Thanks for the greetings
@chubskulit-actually its only me really loves green but they want to wear green to on my big day:D..sure i will sis...Godbless

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Nice shot of you and your friends. Happy birthday too.

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