Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Rapture of the Church

Can you imagine when your doing busy thing in the day. Doing your routines like working or malling and suddenly you will heard the noise of the loudest trumpet. Then suddenly people will disappear. Can you imagine the things happening around the world? The disasters are left and right. Are we ready for what they call rapture?It will really happen.

The Rapture of the Church  is a great website that we can visit and we will learn a lot from the happenings around the world. This site give us a lot of knowledge on the updates of all the events that is currently happening. I enjoyed this site given me more knowledge about the present and what will come in the future. God only knows everything the beginning and the end. We just need to trust in him and we know that God is a God of order. He will make all things beautiful in His time. Let's continue to run the race until we see God's face to face.


Kayce said...

great post sis! God bless!

cHe said...

Thank you sis Kayce:)God bless as well...:)

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