Friday, September 3, 2010

LATSOF #4-Looking at the sky while working

While I was working this day and having our  lunch break I looked at the window in our office and saw the tower and a sky. Hmmm what I did was I grab my camera and get a shot so here it was and entry of LATSOF:) Looking at the sky and checking too if its raining or if the rain is coming, this is where I checked it in a small window at the back almost on the top of the ceiling:)


Crazy Working Mom said...

Hope ya got some rain. We sure need some here! Happy Friday. Thanks for playing!

Tisha, Looking @ The Sky on Friday

cHe said...

we always do get some rain:)

theimaginativetraveler said...

Love this window shot...very effective! I posted some pics like this a while ago, too...:)

cHe said...

thanks for that:) and thank u for visiting!!!

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