Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Learning #1

I learned today about "God's feeding program". Great to study God's word and about his miracle of multiplication. God always wanted to give us more and more. I learned from the preaching today is that God knows our needs even if we won't tell this to him he knows about it and it is important for him. He is always interested to our basic needs and that He is willing to give all the things that we need. Because He is the sovereign GOD that knows everything. He is able to give our needs and He will never let us begging for food because he will supply us food just like what He did to the 5000 men that received his miracle and multiply the bread and fish. I also learn that sharing to other what we have will become greater to God. Just like sharing what you have to your fellow who need help and you give, God sees that and honor that even you did it in secret God can see what you did.


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