Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ruby Tuesday #5- My Bible

This is my bible and was given to me with someone so dear to me. Thank you for this gift:) 

The Holy Bible is God's love diary to all of us who he had called his children, his chosen people his dear one. In every problem we are facing we can look for a solution and find hope in our bible. Simply because the bible had a lot of instructions on how to have infinite PEACE,LOVE and even JOY!There are a lot of principles to success that covers all areas of our life whether it be financial, emotional, physical or spiritual. We just need to spend more quality time to study His word and write His word on our eharts and live it every day of our life and God will even help us to live it thru His Son Jesus and His Holy Spirit that will guide us on what to do. So let's continue to be inspired reading his word like your thirsty or hungry with the food that God can offer to us and through HIS word our life will surely change!!!


grace said...

Hmmm... kinsa nag hatag che? Siya?

cHe said...

hmmmmmmmmm yes ate grace;)last year pa man ni actually hugawon na ug nawong:D

Nelj said...

Hmmm okay... Nice post Che..Love reading them.

cHe said...

thanks t nelj;)

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