Thursday, August 5, 2010

LATSOF #2- Sunken Cemetery


This picture was taken when I was in Camiguin. Sorry for my face was blurry because we just wanted to capture the cross plus me...hehe..In Camiguin Island you can see this large cross stands guard over the location of the island.  According to history it was due to a fatal volcanic eruption of Mount Vulcan, the sea now hides the old capital of Camiguin. The whole old capital of Camiguin together with the cemetery sunk under the sea. Before the sunken land of the old capital and the gravestone can still be seen when the tide is very low. But for many eruption of Mount Vulcan makes the whole area sink deeper. The large cross that we can see when we go to Camiguin was built to mark the site that became the graves of the people of Camiguin. This is why they called it the sunken cemetery.

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J Bar said...

Sydney - City and Suburbs

stan said...

is tt put up bcoz ple had died ard tt area or'?

cHe said...

yes stan many people died on this area.

Manang Kim said...

Never visited Camiguin yet. And this one is beautiful shot! Happy weekend!


Ralph said...

The massive and beautiful sky is a wonderful backdrop to the cross, giving the works of God and his beauty needed attention!

cHe said...

amen...thankyou for dropping by::Godbless

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