Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Watery Wednesday #1-PPATW Supports Street Children

PPATW Supports Street Children Ministry in Iligan City. We in PPATW gives them Christian Tracts, Bibles and other Christian Material for their Spiritual growth. PPATW also gives them a monthly allowance for the feeding every Tuesday and Thursday. They  also have a bible study, lectures, story and games then feeding afterwards. They were the rugby boys of Iligan City and some females street childrens are involve in prostitution. But glory to God they don't do it anymore and now working to sell goods and some are a dishwasher in some cafeteria in Iligan City.Thanking God for the leadership of Ate Mila who is very passionate to the street children and she even devote her time, money and effort to these youngster.
As one of the Staff of PPATW (www.ppatw.com), I  was invited to their monthly outing, I was so happy when I got the invitation to finally meet the street children. Sis Mila let me witness this memorable event seeing them happy and enjoying the pool. Indeed we had fun and I am blessed to meet Sis Mila on second time and her two lovely daughters who helped her in this ministry and 3 wonderful volunteers. Here are some of our pictures in Timoga Spring Pool ...

I was assigned to pray for the food....;)
(If you can't feed one hundred people then just feed one...)
Sis Mila and I with the kids...
(It is not our duty to give...it is our privilege) 

With Iris again....
Sis Mila, Iris and I with the Kids again:)
(If you have much, give your wealth but of you have a little give yourself...)
Love this view but wished our face clearer...LOL
(Everytime you smile to someone it is an act of love...a gift to that person a beautiful thing...)


J Bar said...

Interesting post.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Hilda said...

That's a wonderfully charitable activity. Bet the kids loved it!

cHe said...

@ J Bar- thank u for that compliment;)
@ Hilda-yeah i am sure they love it..they don't want to stop swimming and playing and they love the camera:)

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