Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shoot Me #5-My flowers

Forever In Blue Jeans

Why women love flowers? I know a lot of women out there agree with me that a simple flower well make us happy. Even if some don't like the beauty of flower that much but the meaning and thought behind it that makes us women to gigle like a teenagers.

I can still imagine this scene in my mind, im in the office doing regular boring chores when out of the nowhere, my special someone has this flower in my picture above delivered to me. That day wasn't an ordinary day after all after smelling the fresh flowers and i can't stop getting picture of this lovely thing. Everything that seemed so important on that time no longer seems so, at least for a few static moments. Because someone special took the time and effort to let me know that he is thinking of me. Whew!(blushing)


Amydeanne said...

so true! i love flowers, but don't get them very often! great WFW too!

cHe said...

hanks amy:)

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