Monday, July 12, 2010

Ruby Tuesday #1- Me and Sis Jing

This is my first entry of "Ruby Tuesday" hope it won't be the last:) This is my only chinese blouse that worth only  Php. 5.00 from "Ukay-ukay". Hehehe...This picture was taken during the 22nd Anniversary of BHCCCI. I am with my super duper sweet sister Jing. Who looks younger?Lol...Missing my sis so much!:)


A 2 Z said...

Beautiful red shirt. Happy to see you get along so well with your sister. Happy RT!


cHe said...

hello anne-marie..thanks for dropping by...yeah we are very close;)

reg said...

A very nice picture of two great looking young ladies enjoying there day!!!!

cHe said...

@reg-thanks for the compliment;)

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