Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A new beginning

Indeed great is our God! It's New Year, new life and new things happen to be expected from God. I will not be afraid because God already set my future. He knows everything from the beginning until the end. Wow Isn't it beautiful how God cares for us? I can't stop praising him for being so great to us and for everything he have done in my life. It is great to be serve and used by him. I don't have direction before I was deceived by satan that life will be okey even if we don't go to church instead do worldly things. But God loves me so much and show me the way to righteousness and he changed my life according to his will. Wow I am so blessed with what God did in my life now. He is very gracious, he is so merciful and awesome. I can't imagine that I will come to a point that I will be craving for God's love and care. I was a fool when I let myself do things which is not in line to him. But because of the things I have done of the past I came to realized how wonderful God really is. He sustains me in my sorrows and pain. He also restores me and revived the fire and convicted me. Now I will be offering myself to him. Praising and honoring his name. To surrender my all unto God and to be more intimate with him. This is my desire and I know God will surely open his hands for me. It's so good and so nice to be guided and teaches with the greatest teacher. He is always there for me and I am asking wisdom so that I can understand fully what the Lord wanted to impress to me. I am blessed and secured because I have God in my life through Jesus Christ I AM SAVED and now renewed. Facing the new years is so easy without fear because there is God who is with me in any situation I will be going through I can do anything through him who strengthens me. I love you Lord...

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