Monday, October 12, 2009

To draw nearer to God

Every time that I am doing things for God it will be my greatest joy. That is why I am doing all He wants me to do. To obey him is one way of showing that I love him so much. But sometimes old thing always prevail. The moment that I don’t do with my reading consistently and even my prayer and praises to him I will become dry spiritually and this is what I don’t like. I started to feel something and do something not in line to his will. This is the time sin came in because we don’t have our armor on. The enemy has an entrance to enter in our life and we will begin to do what he injects us to do. We don’t listen anymore to the small voice telling it is not the right thing. Sometimes we know for a fact that it is not right but still doing it and disobey God. But I thanked God for He is so gracious and merciful that when the time that we are convicted and bow our knees and surrender all to him and ask forgiveness truthfully he is so just and forgives our sin. It is so very sad because the moment we do bad things God is hurting as well because we don’t listen to him and do it our way. Let us ask God to guide us, teach us and strengthen us so that His divine power will pour out to us. Any plans of an evil will not prosper because God is there for us no matter what happens His grace is sufficient to those who love him. He really a God that is so great. His love endures forever.



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