Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I can do everything through him

Yes I do believe that I can do everything through him who gives me strength. Sometimes there will be a time that even if you are doing your best but your best wasn't good enough to someone whom you love. It is not easy to please the people and it is not also easy to accept that the people you love don't appreciate your concern and love. I tried hard to show to him how much i love him, how much I value him but still it is not enough. I came to a point to think if am I too mean or am I too sensitive like a child that I easily get hurt every action of the one I love does. It's not easy to accept that having someone you love can make you feel so lonely at times. But in any situation there always be a good reason and it should be understanding the situation. Feeling weak sometimes can make you feel so sad and hurt because of the situation you are facing. But it will also will motivate you to be that strong woman and with God's help you will renew your strength from him because He will give you that. He will not allow His child to be hurt because He will surely get hurt too. Just so thankful that I have God who gives me strength when I am weak and assure me that no matter what happen He will love me and be with me until the end. Thank you Lord for the assurance that you never failed to let me feel im so special and loved.


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