Friday, August 14, 2009

Now is the time to seek the face of God

When I came to know the Lord I always have this longing to draw nearer to him. I don't even know how it feels and how to draw more closer to God. By reading the Bible I came to know more of him. He is the only one that is so true and He is a living God. The moment that we receive Jesus Christ in our lives as our personal savior His Spirit dwells in us. Now we have a personal relationship with him but I want more of him, I want intimate relationship with my God. I learned a lot in my bible reading and Christian books reading that He is a God who can be found. A God who can be known. A God who wants to be close to us. Wow it is really amazing to know that God also want to be close to us. As our return to Him we really need to take time with God a time alone for him and only with him and without undivided heart and mind.


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