Monday, August 10, 2009

God is still in control

God is still in control even if it does not look that way we only have to trust him. Sometimes we will experience our lowest point in our life but whatever happens to us we must always bear in mind that God knows everything. He knows our needs, our problems and even our fears. He knows our heart. He knows even the smallest details of our life. We must relax and feel and seek his presence all the time and listen to his small voice on what we are going to do. Sometimes we are pre-occupied of our prayers and petition unto him but we are not listening to him. God sometimes let us experience the things that we won't even expect to happen in our lives maybe because we need to learn from that and so that his glory will reveal.Everything that happens to us has a purpose and we all know that the purpose of God unto us is to be prosperous and victorious in all things including the good and the bad thing that happens to us. God want us to realize how to depend on him and not to ourselves. God want a personal relationship with us and he wants a very intimate and passionate relationship. He really want us to trust on him in every situation we are into because God is going to help us every time we needs him. He is always with us looking at us and watching over us.


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