Tuesday, August 11, 2009

God is so good

Wow God is really a good God. He is the God that really protects his people.It is so amazing knowing that God never leaves us nor forsake us. He is always watching over us. God is a merciful God. God is always ready to rescue us in any situation we have.Yesterday I was shocked when my niece informed me that our apartment almost got burned because of our burner exploded. I thanked God because we have neighbors who was left and helped my niece to stop the fire so that no one got harm. I am so relieved when I found out that nothing has been damaged except our stove. But still I am thanking God because he really protects us. I can't afford to lose my niece or something bad happen to her because her mother entrusted her to me when his husband died. I am praying peace for my niece as she is taking the periodical examination at her school. I thanked God for saving her life. I am so glad that the blood of Jesus covers us and to our place. We are always claiming that each day and praying that he will always be around. Indeed he is a good God that really protects his people. He wants the best for us. His plan will be done not the evil's plan. And I am confident enough that God would not leave us here and He is always present. We just need to entrust our life to him and continue to praise and worship him and to show gratitude to the one and only powerful God.


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